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How financially valuable is dignity?

How financially valuable is dignity?

April 13, 2021

We can find ourselves wanting those in prison to suffer, maybe we talk down to the homeless, or we don't offer support to those who are struggling with addiction. These are normal feelings in our society, and that's a problem. Nobody deserves to suffer, be spoken down to, or left to fend for themselves anywhere in the world today.

As an addict, I was running from myself. I had very little dignity, but if you were to ask me about that I wouldn't have been able to express it as such. I was playing the victim because that was what I learned so well, and that message was reiterated as my life and my dignity continued to sink.

When we give someone a sense of dignity they will elect to care for themselves. When I got sober, which happened because one person showed me that I had some value, I began to care about myself. I can attest that we are able to do that better than anyone else.

When we pull services for those that need them, the costs rise exponentially. If we are not open to paying for dignified care and support we are going to pay much more for the aftermath of that decision.

This past weekend I released an episode of the Recover Yourself Podcast all about zero tolerance and its connection to stigma and dignity, Check it out.

I love you,

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