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How helpful are you?

How helpful are you?

April 6, 2021

Most of us have to care for someone, and in that position, we can often, inadvertently, and unknowingly abuse that relationship. In a country that prides itself on how stressed its citizens are it is no wonder, our patience runs thin.

There are countless caregivers out there, some professional, some accidental, and some whose lives just align with caregiving, like parents. These are people who may often find themselves with nothing left to give, and yet, due to their role, they continue to be asked to give.

Getting angry, escaping with alcohol, or ignoring a situation are all common and almost expected. Although nobody whats to react in that way it is unavoidable. When we are triggered we will often choose actions we don't personally endorse, like the actions mentioned above. We all get triggered in one way or another and if we can use those triggers to become more aware of ourselves we will be on a path to being better caregivers, and better individuals.

These sorts of triggers are all signs that we have a little more of ourselves to recover and with every little bit of yourself you recover, you will be a better caretaker of others because you are caring for yourself.

The only real self-care is Self-recovery.

I love you,

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