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How much can you trust your thoughts

How much can you trust your thoughts

January 7, 2020

We are increasingly learning, as humans, that the right answer one day is not always going to be the right answer forever. Last week I spoke about traditional education and this week I am sticking with the mind. Our minds, the things we do our conscious thinking with, are extremely immature. They are complex but don't mistake complexity for maturity.

Your mind will have a single experience like getting sick from some bad seafood and steer you clear of seafood for the rest of your life. Some will rebut that saying it is all we have, or that it is only protecting us, to which I say BS. Our minds are our only option because we haven't been introduced to, or know how to use, either your heart and/or gut.

We've taken those gut feelings for granted and they have both saved us and made us say "IF ONLY I LISTENED TO MY GUT." Our Heart is another thinking organ we pass up on listening to. Why do we do this? As I mentioned earlier our brain is immature. An immature person will drown out the other voices so it can be heard. An immature person will speak incessantly until it gains the attention it requires. An immature person thinks it knows the answer so is not going to concede to learning from others. Our minds are this way, having drownd out the wisdom and connection we have within our bodies.

Don't spoil your mind by giving in to its requests, quiet your mind and listen to your heart and gut.

I love you,

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