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How often do you practice getting up?

How often do you practice getting up?

October 26, 2021

This is a quote I used all the time while I was recovering from my most significant MS flair-up. My recovery from that flair-up mirrored my addiction recovery in many ways and is where the "Recovering To" concept was built.

Because my MS drastically affected the motor function on my left side, walking was something I couldn't do without all of my attention going toward it. When I would lose focus, down I would go. I am lucky because I am not fragile, and so I can take a fall, and I was able to stay with family during that time.

When I would fall, it was instinctual for my family members to check on me. Which they did simply by asking if I was okay. That was as much as I wanted from them. I didn't want help in getting up, because that was where I needed practice.

I attempted to walk every day, even if it was just to fall out of the bed and crawl to the bathroom. I had to become okay with falling because that gave me the opportunity to get up, something that, if I hadn't fallen, I would have never been able to do.

Many people don't like to fall, lose, or otherwise fail, but I want everyone to know that none of those are permanent traits. You're resilient and this week's episode of the Recover Yourself podcast is all about resilience. where I interview Jenna of @mhawestchesterny

How often do you get the opportunity to practice getting up? How often do you avoid things that might cause you to fall? If you find that you're playing it safe in your life and are looking to embrace your potential, setup a call with me through my website and we'll fix that toot suite.

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