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How to Reevaluate Relationships

How to Reevaluate Relationships

September 22, 2020

Are you in a relationship you are afraid to reevaluate? Or, even worse, are you in a relationship and afraid your partner will reevaluate? Our time and energy have a lot of value, and we still shy away from talking about how relationships, even marriages need to be reevaluated.

As @TonyGaskins hints at in this quote, our relationships are our responsibility. We can so easily get demoted from our role as CEO of parts of our lives through relationships. I encourage you to check in with how you feel when you are around those closest to you. Ask yourself
What parts of myself do I have to hide in this relationship?
Am I available to be myself in this relationship?
Am I afraid of losing this relationship?
Am I a little embarrassed admitting how much what they think means to me?
If you have become some middle manager of your life because of a relationship, it is your job to promote yourself. This doesn't have to mean breaking up, dismantling, or changing the external relationship in any way. It does mean however that you have to change the internal relationship with yourself. Doing that will alter the external relationship, but that will, and has to, happen over due course.

I love you,

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