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How you can achieve perfection

How you can achieve perfection

September 8, 2020

My email last week included this quote and I wanted to spend a little time addressing it specifically.

Everything in your life moves you towards yourself, and at every moment you are 100% yourself. However, who you will be tomorrow is not who you are today. Many people try to remain who they are today, tomorrow. More people are seeing that, for them to be themselves, remaining who they were is no longer the preferred mode of being.

We all question if we right or wrong in certain situations. We are coming out of a time where teachers bestowed us with knowledge and we had to know the right answers, if we didn't, we were wrong. These simple ideas of right and wrong are no longer useful to us. If we look at where we are today as a society, presumably due to having made the "Right" choices, we can see clearly that what was right, might not have been right at all.

If you find yourself making different choices today than you did, or than you had expected to make, just remember that isn't because you were wrong, it is because you are a different person. Being, and loving, who you are TODAY is the point. By trying to be right you are robbing the world of YOU, and we need you. Who you are today will lead you to who you will be tomorrow and we need them as well. Please, Keep recovering yourself.

I love you,

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