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Identify the Truth in Your Story

Identify the Truth in Your Story

February 15, 2022

We are always convincing ourselves that we are right. Every trigger we have, each frustration we embody, there is a story that looks outward. That story gives us permission to be triggered, frustrated, angry, or just irritated.

From traffic to our jobs, families, friends, and relationships all of these seem so obviously outside of us, but they are not. The triggers that they bring up within us are not either. Those triggers we experience began inside of us well before the actions that brought it to the surface took place. 

Recognizing that story, those thoughts that are bubbling under the surface is key in understanding your actual truth. It isn't the traffic you are mad at, or sick of, or (fill this with your complaint), it's you. And if you are ready to look at the truth of that, then you're ready to work with me.

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