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Is your life decided by Choice or Habit?

Is your life decided by Choice or Habit?

August 11, 2020

This Zen Proverb is something we can remind ourselves of throughout our day. How many times do we not engage in what we are doing? Let's take watching television, or social media scrolling, are be being in the moment? Are we focused and engaged?

In my workshops I ask participants if they chose to drink coffee that day. Invariably most of them have. I then ask the question again, slightly different, I say "How many of you actually made the choice to drink coffee today versus you having made the decision to drink coffee a long time ago, and are now just executing on that decision?" This changes everyone's answer. Why? because we are not waking up and choosing to drink coffee we are waking up and unaware that we are choosing to stay asleep.

I challenge you to become aware of one thing you are not choosing in your life every week, from there you can decide to start choosing. Maybe you will choose as you always have but now it will be done as who you are today, not someone who you were many years ago.

When I work with clients I only see them for 4 sessions. Too many coaches are tied to the income they earn through their clients. My goal is to get you living your life, the one you want, as soon as possible. I am not your therapist, I am a mirror and I have no time to beat around the bush, or bullshit you.

I love you,

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