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Is Your Superpower Holding you Back?

Is Your Superpower Holding you Back?

September 19, 2022

With the success of all the Marvel movies and the Gen-X/Millenial comic book/video game generations contributing more to the bloated consumer conversations in the world, it is no surprise we are seeing the rise of people embracing the concept of a Superpower. Everywhere I look it seems someone wants you to identify your superpower. Car companies, coffee shops, coaches, and clothing lines are all looking to help us identify with something and lean into it so we can feel good.

It does feel good to be good at something. To call that our superpower can get us to align increasingly with things that get us praise so that we can avoid things we are not good at. This is extremely limiting, it is similar to social media feedback loops.
The more you identify with something
The more focus on it
The more reinforcement you receive
The less you engage in other things
The more comfortable you feel staying comfortable
The more uncomfortable it feels to be uncomfortable

Personally, I see this as both limiting and dangerous. I prefer not identifying with a superpower. I once identified as a painter. Communicating through painting could have been my superpower at the time. If I did identify as having that skill I may very well be still painting and considering myself an "artist." More recently I have been speaking on Recovery and my Recover Yourself work revolved around that. I still can align with being an artist, and I am also someone in recovery but I don't identify with such limiting ideas of being.

That can be problematic in our world today. The more marketing and advertising we rely on in our lives the more we are expected to be limited to the box we appear to reside in, but we are not, and you are not.

If you have found yourself under the influence of identity, whether you chose it or not, it is time to break out of the box. Anything you identify as is holding you back from exploring your path to embrace all that you are. You are super in every aspect of your life. Things you may today judge as a mistake are simple super choices that you don't yet have the vision to see.

If you would like to learn more about how you can challenge your perceptions and discover more about how super you are, then you are ready to recover yourself. Respond to this email and let's set up a time to talk further.

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