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Knowledge is not Awareness

Knowledge is not Awareness

January 14, 2020

We've been fooled into thinking knowing something, and being aware of it, are the same thing. However, stubbing your toes doesn't happen due to a lack of knowledge of the coffee table legs. That has to do with a lack of awareness of the relationship between our bodies and the object.

The trauma that we've experienced in our lives hides information from us. That is due to the nature of our having experienced it as trauma. Our brains close off information and our bodies take over. Like all muscle memory, this exists by having repeated this pattern before, multiple times.

I have had so many clients, who were so smart and knew about all of their trauma, but were still lacking awareness of it. Awareness is a tricky little bird. Without knowledge, we can't engage it, with too much, our ego allows it to slip through our fingers.

We are very complex and life is a delicate balance that cannot be defined only by that which we can see or touch. Your trauma cannot heal if you don't become aware of it around you.

I love you,

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