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Learning and Discomfort are Linked

Learning and Discomfort are Linked

May 25, 2021

Embracing positivity is wonderful, but it can be damaging if it causes us to shun negativity.

Positivity is great! We all love feeling good, but do we lament feeling down, frustrated, or afraid? Feeling uncomfortable tells us a lot about ourselves but if we only look to embrace the positive, comfortable feelings, we might just land ourselves in an echo chamber of who we have always been. 

The learning that makes the biggest impact in our lives doesn't come to us in the form of a pat on the back. The most significant leaps we are going to make, and have made, come in the form of discomfort. We can't continue trying to avoid discomfort by papering over it with positivity. Positivity is within us and we won't lose it if we sit in discomfort for a minute.

This is done through curiosity and awareness, it's not sulking, or brooding. you're in control and have nothing to fear, especially the discomfort that is within you, it is your best, and only, teacher.
I love you,

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