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Powerful Feelings are Temporary

Powerful Feelings are Temporary

June 15, 2021

We can often get caught up in the loop of,

"If 'Some' is good then 'More' must be better."

We have seen this idea spread rapidly over the past hundred years. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we learn this is not the case, it seems that many people in the world still believe it is possible and that it is a sustainable path.

Last weekend's Recover Yourself episode focused on powerful feelings. We looked at stimuli, of all sorts, and how the brain responds to them. It turns out that, according to neuroscientist Judy Grisel (and many others), powerful feelings, are biologically not sustainable. This is due to the human nervous system's intense ability to self-regulate.

I don't want, nor do I often trust powerful feelings. I have them, I can get caught up in them at times but at the end of the day, I desire to live life from a place of calm contentment. I encourage you to check out this last episode and see why powerful feelings may be guiding you to beliving in a life that is unsustainable.

I love you,

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