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Practice Makes Progress Your Were Made Perfect

Practice Makes Progress Your Were Made Perfect

September 1, 2020

Practice makes progress, and there is no other way to look at it. But what about perfection? I see the argument everywhere that "Nobodies perfect" or "We are human" and these lead us to the point that we will make mistakes. We might get caught looking odd in a screengrab, we might have the odd bad hair day (or decade), or we may do what we said we would never do again. There are all sorts of places where we can judge ourselves for looking, or even being, what we would define as not perfect.

I want to challenge you on your strict definition of the word perfect. If in fact, humans are fallible then part of our perfection is in that fallibility. The world around us is constantly changing and thus we are as well. Needing to stay balanced, and in the flow with the world around us, our thoughts and ideas naturally shift and upgrade. This is natural and inevitably changes all of our ideas of what perfect looks like. It is because of this that the word perfect has to be brought up to speed with our understanding of things.

Balance is achieved not by rigidity but with constant adjustments. Perfection then is achieved through constant adjustment, with no starting point and no destination. Even if we do have to use support or fall down from time to time, our perfection is not in question, it is in motion.

I love you,

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