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Reimagining Perfection

Reimagining Perfection

September 28, 2021

Your old definition of perfection is wrong.

Perfection is one of those things that is hard to pin down. It doesn't arise out of spontaneous action but out of deliberate action. People often say "nobody's perfect" but I prefer to say "Don't let your definition of perfection rob you of your's."

Without having had a failed experience we would never even know what perfect could look like. However, too many people, when faced with failure, or struggle, pack it up and move on. But, and this is covered in-depth in my latest Recover Yourself podcast, an environment that promotes productive failure is probably the perfect environment to learn and grow within.

You are perfect! Today's perfect may not look like tomorrow's and that is what makes it perfect. At this moment, your perfection is not in question. You are probably always inviting others who fail an opportunity to try again, and that is perfect. Do you offer yourself the same kindness?

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