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So why go dry in January?

So why go dry in January?

January 28, 2020

So why go Dry? This is the widest-reaching Dry January I have experienced. So if this is the first time you are hearing of it I wouldn't be surprised. But why go dry?

This quote by Ruby Warrington sums up why. I am going to not talk about New Year's resolutions because that much is obvious. But, a challenge, and one that you may have never considered can change your life. Large social concerns like this, and Sober October, are there to create some social bonding around sobriety, which, although it is gaining steam is still underfunded and under-supported in our society at large. When you participate in these larger efforts you're not alone, and a few of you may even stay on the path to living a bit more dry from now on.

I one time reminded a friend of mine that I had, at that time, been coherent for 15 years. He digested that information and made a comment that he would go crazy if he had to do that. This is why it is important we try to go dry, even if it is just for 31 days. The idea that being coherent, of being present with yourself, is somehow scary, or painful, should not be the norm.

You are so powerful and beautiful, and the only thing between you and that power and beauty, are the pacifiers you've adopted to cope with the discomfort of being. Our power does not grow when we hide, but when we are naked and vulnerable.

For those of you going dry, please reach out to me, tell me what you are experiencing

I love you,

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