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Spot your Short Game and shift your focus!

Spot your Short Game and shift your focus!

April 20, 2021

Last week I spoke about the difference between the Short and Long games in our lives. As someone in recovery, I want to say that, although not drinking can be the hardest beverage choice we make, it alone is not the prize of taking that action. That is similar to marriage, the marriage isn't the prize. It's the relationship and the growth and love that is the prize. Even if the marriage ends because the relationship changes, that doesn't mean the love has to stop growing. Love is the Long Game and the marriage itself is the Short Game.

There are points along every journey that we have to focus on the Short Game. In order to have a long game at all, we need to have a foundation on which to build and that is built with Short Game goals and ideas. However, it is all too easy, in the United States today, to build a foundation only to focus on the Short Game which built that foundation.

It is constant work to ask ourselves, what in our lives is Long Game, and what is Short Game but if we can, life will be more meaningful and enjoyable, and that is some hard-core recovery.

Recover Yourself is about being a support to those that support. If you are a caregiver of any kind I hope you find this information valuable. Please check out last week's episode of the Recover Yourself Podcast here.

I love you,

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