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Stream the Recover Yourself Workshop

Stream the Recover Yourself Workshop

July 26, 2022

After years of presenting the Recover Yourself Workshop live, I have made it a stand-alone video that you can purchase at

It is unfair and unavoidable that we've lived under the influence of others. From our infancy, we've been trained to live under the influence of those around us.

From our parents to our teachers, friends, neighbors, and eventually even strangers, it can sometimes seem like we're the only ones we don't trust with our decisions. Over a lifetime we get lost and confused about what to do next, or what to do now.

If that resonates with you, it is time to check out the Recover YOurself Workshop and...

• Get out from under the influence of others.
• See how you perceive the world and yourself in it
• Broaden your view and start to witness your life with more curiosity than attachment.

Recovery is for everyone

Recovering From is a "short game" that suggests we are victims of something behind us. That could be from drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders, bankruptcies, and the list goes on. BUT...

Recovering To, is the "long game" of recovery, and for every one of us, it is the path that takes us forward in our life. When we recover ourselves we strengthen and expand our lives. Simply adding a little awareness, even without adding any actions, you will be transformed into a new person in no time.

This workshop was originally designed for as a continuing education course for professional rehab councilors. Approved by NAADAC, a national association for addiction professionals, this workshop has helped countless psychologists, therapists, and counselors fight fatigue and helped them maintain their license status.

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