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The Comforts of a Prison

The Comforts of a Prison

September 21, 2021

Nobody would say, or even suggest, that prisons were comfortable. Even Pablo Escobar, who designed his own prison for comfort, wanted to escape it. However, comfort can be a prison.

Many substances and behaviors can help us feel comfortable. Alcohol may help us feel more sociable, benzos can help with anxiety, opioids with pain, and Amazon with the feeling of emptiness. As we comfort ourselves with these we begin to lose any ability we had to face those uncomfortable feelings. 

With the myriad of comforts out in the world today we never get to practice being uncomfortable or addressing discomforts. When we can't practice living we don't grow, we stagnate and atrophy. That has been happening all around us as we each are shipped off to our own personal prison of comforts.

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