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The Most Important Investment is You

The Most Important Investment is You

January 4, 2022

Financial planners may think I made the wrong choice but my life is filled with love, magic, and experiences that continue to give me an ROI (return on investment) that I've never seen anywhere in the financial world.

Today, I see people investing in property, stocks controlled by other people, currencies, and all manner of speculative futures. All of that is because they are hoping for security at some point in the future. For me, security has come in knowing, loving, and trusting in myself. It has never been sustainable whenever I sought it out externally.

Everything I do, everything I experience, all that I am is being invested to make my life, and mySelf, increasingly valuable, increasingly stable. I encourage you to recognize that properly investing in yourSelf will yield stability and security that you cannot find outside of yourself. You are the most important investment you can make. There is nothing in the universe that can devalue you. No matter what happens to all the external assets you hold, your value only increases every second you are alive.

It is not always easy to connect the dots and see the true ROI in your life, if you are interested in exploring that, I have open spots for my Recover Yourself Workshop. There, you will learn how to connect the dots between your perceptions and reality so you can begin to draw on your investments.

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