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The Things You Need

The Things You Need

June 16, 2020

During this pandemic we are seeing that we don't need as much as we thought we needed. This is a good thing and I hope we continue to explore not needing.

The world around us, as we all know, is reflecting ourselves back to us. What we experience is literally a manifestation of how we feel about ourselves. That being indisputable, when we talk about the idea of "needing less than we think we need" how does that play out with how we see ourselves?

If we never have enough time, money, friends, love, or anything, then we're saying the world, and what it provides, is not enough. If that is true then we have to admit that we are subconsciously saying we, and what we provide, are not enough. Afraid of lack of externals is fear of lack within oneself. Sure, manifestation, and Law of Attraction, positive thinking and all that is great but far from sustainable if we allow deep traumas to be running the recording happening in the background. No matter what we want, or need we each have to be able to find and face the fear of not being enough.

By needing less we are being more and isn't that is the goal of the journey we are all on?

I love you,

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