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This is not going to be comfortable

This is not going to be comfortable

April 14, 2020

Why is it hard to be alone? It is because we are having to face the one thing that being with others circumvents, how we feel about ourselves.

How do we feel about ourselves?

You know yourself better than anyone, you know what you're hiding. Sometimes we feel all we have to do is hide and all will be okay. But those secrets, are a big part of who we are (at the moment) and hiding them makes them fester. These days as we all partake in some alone time we are probably seeing these secrets come to the surface more than usual.

We can often fall into a practice of seeing our own limitations, or secrets, in others and judge those who show them to us. But when we are alone they are ours to own. Our emotions, whatever they are, at others, the world, a virus, or a circumstance speaks volumes, not of those things, but of us. Our secrets are there in our judgments and when we are forced to be alone, loneliness follows.

I love you,

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