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Understanding the Elusive Answer!!

Understanding the Elusive Answer!!

August 25, 2020

Answers, especially when we are navigating the world today, seem so elusive. We may begin to get the hint of one when, out of nowhere, we are derailed into understanding it is not such a great answer after all. That is, however unfortunate, the nature of an answer. There is no right answer, and thus no answer is wrong, at least not completely.

In academic papers, before the lengthy explanation of the point by point account of the topic, there is what is referred to as an abstract. In that section of the paper lays all the answers you will most likely be looking for, it is short, general, and to the point, but it has no extraneous details. those details don't matter to the whole

In our day to day lives, we can often get caught up in the details of what we experienced in the past. We create stories around our experiences that give us labels in which to attach our identity. This is getting caught up in the details. Yes, perhaps you are at the moment what the label suggests, but that is a detail, not the whole of who you are.

I like to let my clients know that, who they are, their path and all the answers they are looking for exists in the actual abstract. This means their answers have no physical or concrete limit or explanation. YOU are much greater than words can even attempt to express, and thus your answers are as well.

Trust yourself! We each live and experience the point by point details but all the answers exist in the abstract.

I love you,

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