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We Need You, Now More Than Ever

We Need You, Now More Than Ever

January 12, 2021

We were asked at a very early age to be something that we weren't. This wasn't an intentional act by anyone, it was just how things were done. The world worked in a certain way and we were being groomed for that.

The world isn't playing by the same rules today. We are in the midst of a transition that is going to require all the tools we've been hiding away for, possibly, our whole lives.

In my interview with Dan Hostetler, he told me of how they inspire people to find their purpose at Above and Beyond. Reminding individuals that they have value and that we all benefit from those values is one aspect of their approach.

The way things used to work we'd want to define that, put it into words. But defining that unique thing you do is not the goal. Being you is the goal. Right now, who you are is always within reach. I like to tell clients, just do the next most obvious thing, if you do that you won't do what so many generations have done before us, you won't deprive us of your value,

I love you,

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