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We need YOU to know yourself

We need YOU to know yourself

June 30, 2020

This quote is from Jacque Fresco founder of @thevenusproject which is a group dedicated to changing the world. We need people like that, people who want to change the world. There is no greater need right now than to embrace change, no matter how scary or unknown the results seem, we need change. And for those of us in recovery we know how great change can be when we step out of addiction.

Addiction is what The Venus Project is trying to rid the world of, the addiction to money and greed.

I always like to push my clients to have a vision, or a dream, that is outlandish because if you don't, once you achieve your dream, what are you going to do next?

Once you Recover Yourself you'll know that the world can be changed and you're going to do it. This won't be by changing others or being selfish. It won't be simply for pleasure, or power either. Through purpose and passion you are going to contribute, that will inspire others to follow their hearts which will in turn inspire others. You are already changing the world, and I am so glad to be in contact with you.

I love you,

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