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What are you Doing to Keep From Growing, All the While, Begging to Change?

What are you Doing to Keep From Growing, All the While, Begging to Change?

September 7, 2021

Every day we tell on average 2 lies. I have also found that there are lies that, although we don't speak them, we live them. 

When I had a substance or behavior use problem I would never bring up the topic but I would walk around with the fear that the topic might get brought up. My life was being controlled by something that I was afraid of facing.

If I never looked at those things and got pretty radically honest about what I was doing, I may have never taken been able to get to a place I loved myself. My 20+ years of sober time is great, and I am glad I have it, but that is still just a beverage choice. My recovery, and the subsequent love I can offer myself to face the lies I used to tell, and new ones that come, is the prize of this journey.

A clear mind is not something that just happens. In this dopamine-flooded world, people fight tooth and nail for the right to live with muddied minds, and lying to ourselves is at the root of a lot of that. This is not a place to judge, lying is a part of our lives but if you can curiously find them you might be able to address them.

If you are interested in sussing out a few lies in your life you'll want to attend one of my upcoming Recover Yourself workshops. There, I guide you in discovering a lie that keeps you imprisoned and frustrated in your life, and that needs to stop even if you aren't aware it's happening. 

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