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What Do You Practice?

What Do You Practice?

October 19, 2021

I like the phrase "Practice Makes Progress." On that topic, have you looked at your daily life and asked yourself "What am I practicing?"

Is talking down to yourself part of your daily practice? How about judging your weight, intelligence, income, or partner?

It's good to get make sure we are keeping our actions in perspective. We can all too often lose sight of the fact that what we are doing today is, at its essence, practice. Every day we get to practice and the more we practice, the better we get.

Some things I like to practice are being uncomfortable. Why? Because if I can get comfortable being uncomfortable then I will be more effective at facing uncomfortable situations. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that I want to get better at that I don't think I will ever be out of things to practice.

What are you practicing in your life? What are some things you practice that you don't want to get better at? Are you trying to put yourself in a position to actively practice getting better at things you want to be in the future?

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