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What is in front of you is within reach

What is in front of you is within reach

October 27, 2020

"Recovery isn't meant to be your life it's meant to give you your life back." This quote, from my interview with April Garfoli, is something we can all benefit from examining.

When you're recovering from, whether that be from a divorce, diagnosis, addiction, or anything else, your life will tend to be focused on whatever that happens to be.

Shifting that focus, to where you are headed, looking at what you are "recovering to" gives you the ability to keep going. We are all recovering From and To. Some of us unfortunately get stuck "recovering from," giving more attention to the thing we are attempting to step away from.

Check out my interview with April here or wherever you listen to Podcasts

I love you,
I am on a path of Recovering Myself. To start on your path of changing your life schedule a call today.

I am always helping people make significant changes to their lives. There is no better way to achieve that than to love yourself deeper every day by recovering more of yourself at every opportunity.

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