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What is taking so long?

What is taking so long?

August 26, 2022

We've all been given repeated lessons in our lives. When I was younger I was always judging other people about all sorts of stuff. I had no idea there were lessons there for me. I just assumed it was other people doing things that made me angry. I believed they had to change in order for me to be able to tolerate them. That couldn't have been further from the truth.

You may know that I am writing a rendition of the Tao te Ching. I see that title as reading "The Cannon of Reason" meaning that this is an exhaustive text on how to live a reasonable life. By reasonable, I mean how to live without asking any other living thing to alter itself to make my life tolerable.

I recently wrote this part of verse #52
All things issue from Tao, it is their mother.
Then, in their own time, they return to Tao.

Like Tao, so too do you act in the world of manifestation.
When you recognize you're the mother of your experiences
You can identify the children your actions birth,
Loving them as your children you free yourself of sorrow.

What this verse expresses to me is that all of our actions create a world that we will have to face, individually. The consequences of our action, or as it is expressed in this verse, the children of our actions, will return to us. When we can love those experiences, no matter how we identify them, we will find that the stuff going on around us needn't affect us as much as we often allow it to.

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