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What keeps you entertained these days?

What keeps you entertained these days?

August 10, 2021

How much entertainment do we need? It seems like the world at large would have us completely entertain our lives away if we could.

How are you feeling about all the entertainment around you? Do you turn to entertainment like music, movies, apps, etc. just because you don’t know what else to do? I know, for myself, I am increasingly less satisfied with being entertained. That is not to say that the mediums, and products are not entertaining, I just increasingly don’t want them. People not being satisfied, and possibly greed, are causing companies like Instagram, YouTube, and so many others to dig deep and get us onto their platforms more often, and for longer stretches.

All entertainment, at some level, is art, and the magic of art is that it takes us out of our normal routines. Great artists can get us to step back, reflect, and question our actions. That magic has been expressed as “escape” for the longest time. Looking at art or being engrossed in a book/movie, we say that we’ve been “Transported to another time/world…” That is an immense tool that we artists wield.

But what happens when that tool is used to entice millions to escape their lives without the benefit of reflection? To answer that question, we only need to look around us. To start on a journey of self-reflection I encourage you to check out my Recover Yourself Workshops.

I don’t care how you spend your time/life, but I do care that you are living it not under the influence of others, and that includes me.

I love you,

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