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What Would you Like to Normalize?

What Would you Like to Normalize?

May 17, 2022

Many of us who are newly sober want to run around thinking that not drinking, or being sober, isn't part of the norm. But, and this is a kicker, it is absolutely normal. So is talking about mental health, real self-care, and everything and anything you can imagine. Just because you haven't expanded your life to include this in your perception of "normal" doesn't mean society needs to change. It means you do, and that will cause the society you are in contact with to change as well.

What we deem as normal, or not, is all created by what we focus on. In the classic "Recover From " model, we look at our life from the vantage point of the substance we are trying to separate. That is why it's easy to find the absence of non-alcoholic beverages on a menu. This gives us a platform to be righteous, and as long as we are loud victims of the industry, we feel like we are doing good work. 

This looking over our shoulder at what we are "Recovering From," although very helpful for a time, is far from sustainable. When we can own and embrace the "Recover To" model we get to step back from trying to make others do what we want. To recover ourselves allows us to get out from under the influence of even our own self-righteousness. We get to be here now, love and respect ourselves and the lives of others, inspiring them instead of demanding them to change.

If you're interested in growing into a more powerful and loving you, the Recover Yourself workshop will get you started in that direction.

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