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What You Want Also Terrifies You

What You Want Also Terrifies You

February 22, 2022

This quote by photographer Paul Caponigro encapsulates so much of my beliefs around art and connecting with others. I was doing an initial consultation with someone the other day, and when I explained the portrait aspect that happens while working with me, they said, "That sounds terrifying." And they aren't wrong.

Thinking of actually seeing yourself is terrifying. However, being seen by someone else before having seen yourself is even more terrifying, and that often causes us to be triggered.

Your potential is locked up by every aspect of your life. From the things you like to the things you don't, you're just selling yourself short. I want you to grow out of that little box you call your identity and see yourself clearly.

Is it terrifying? Yes, it does feel that way.
Is it worth it? In the end yes, and even more than it is terrifying.

We need you to step up and recover yourself. Without you, the whole system will just continue to spin out of control. You have more power than you know, and once you see that, you will wield that power like a master carpenter wields their tools.

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