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Where are you Hiding from your Influences?

Where are you Hiding from your Influences?

June 21, 2022

When we live under the influence of anything (parents, peers, culture, etc.) we will hide things about ourselves that are not aligned with those influences.

For instance, during my interview with Thomas FreeMe he spoke with me about how he hid his criminal activity. He was not only hiding it from others, he was hiding it from himself. He did not want to judge himself. He knew what was "right" and "wrong" according to the influences he grew up under. He then created a facade that mirrored what he believed was expected of him. 

Because of the influences that he was living under, he had an idea of what he was "supposed" to be. Not aligning with those influences he turned to criminal activity. He never had an opportunity to ask himself if he liked what he was actually doing. He was caught in a cycle of escaping what he believed was expected of him, and the activities he was using to live under those conditions. He was only finally able to look at that cycle once he was in prison. 

As they relate to our influences, not examining our actions is much more pervasive than you might first imagine. There are all sorts of areas we hide and compensate due to external influence. One way to examine these within ourselves is to have a completely non-judgmental environment to explore the darkness within us. 

Reply to this email if you are ready to start looking at where you are hiding, and what influences you might be living under.

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