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Where are you Living Under the Influence?

Where are you Living Under the Influence?

July 6, 2021

We are all living under the influence of something, most likely more than one thing.

We are born and immediately learn what is expected of us as children to get the things we need to survive. From that point on we live under the influence of our parents. This isn’t a bad thing but it is worth noting that as adults we don’t want to live under their influence. It is also healthy to note that rebelling from having lived under their influence is also living under their influence. This is due to fact that their influence is at the core of our rebellion.

We want to ask the question, and be curious as to the answer to, what am I living under the influence of? It could be your parents, partner, fear, or shame, alcohol or drugs, any number of things. Approval is something millions of people live under the influence of, and simply asking the question can open us up to who we are.

I recently took the Enneagram and discovered I am a 5. This knowledge is putting into focus that which I have been living under the influence of for the entirety of my life. Although I was aware it existed, I had no idea as to the depth it was influencing my life. It is due to this that I wanted to remind everyone once again that you are indeed living under the influence of something and to ask yourself what that is might be a healthy step in the right direction.

I love you,

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