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Where do you find Wisdom?

Where do you find Wisdom?

October 12, 2021

Wisdom, in my opinion, is something we cannot set out to gain. Knowledge on the other hand can be picked up anywhere. We pay a lot for knowledge, and many people take the knowledge they acquire and regurgitate it over anyone they come across.

I have approached life and learning differently. Somehow, along my journey, I have acquired wisdom, truth. I like to think it found me, because although I was looking for it I still haven't found it, and yet, it is everywhere I look today, and in everything I do. Wisdom is elusive.

There is always more Wisdom to be had, because Wisdom is truth, and the truth is fluid, like us, it is always changing.

About a month ago I was approached by the Wisdom community to be a Top Mentor on their app and I have been sharing and discussing ideas on their platform. If you are interested in joining me, I do a regular talk on Tuesdays at 1pm on Recovery, and I pop on to talk about the Tao as well as other topics like relationships, education, and more.

Follow me on Wisdom to get notified of when I am sharing, or check out the Wisdom page on my website to hear the talks I have already done.

Find them on Instagram at @joinwisdomapp

Last Sunday I released one very informative podcast episode on NAD therapy and withdrawal. I encourage each of you to listen to it and share it with anyone associated with the recovery community. There is some fascinating work being done!

If you are ready to recovery yourself, gain wisdom, and proceed with your life from that place, you are ready to come work with me for a month and get on with the business of recovering yourself. Contact me and let's get to work.

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