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Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

July 28, 2020

This is something I usually only say to a few people. And when I do, I do it quietly, because of the deep devotion we have to teachers, coaches, and gurus in our culture today. No matter how deep the devotion though, we are at the end of all that. I am not talking about teachers for children, that is a completely different conversation.

We, as humans, have continued to find solutions to what we refer to as problems. We've marketed and packaged those solutions to both existing in the world and living our lives. We've been told that we no longer have to struggle. We are told how much we don't fit in and then, in the same breath, told there is a solution. However, there is no solution, well... no one solution. There is one for you, but it has never been written before, by anyone.

We all want to be comforted by one thing or another. Finding a way to be comforted by yourself while continually challenging yourself is what increasing numbers of people are doing today.

We all have a favorite teacher, and I would venture to guess that your favorite teacher, showed you respect, showed you that you have value, and believed in who you were. That is because they were not trying to teach you a subject, they were trying to show you that you had the answer and that answer was never going to be wrong.

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