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Why nothing is always a good thing to say.

Why nothing is always a good thing to say.

March 17, 2020

Within you is all that you need. Of course, it is not always easy to discover, but it is there. Your body holds the answer to every question your brain can come up with. Eventually, your brain will have them as well. The answers today, however, are merely whispers. Can you be quiet enough to hear them?

In these trying times of quiet and solitude, it is going to be a challenge for each of us to learn how to listen to the whispers. This is part of the transformation, part of our evolution. I ask that you contribute to the cause and learn how to listen.

We often respond to those things that are the loudest. Our brains are loud. If we want to build faith in ourselves we are going to have to quiet our brains enough for us to hear the whispers.

The Tao says...

"Those who know don't speak and
Those who speak don't know"

Watch, observe and don't speak.

I love you,

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