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Why We Don't Want a True Teacher

Why We Don't Want a True Teacher

March 16, 2021

There has been a huge influx of teachers in our society. These teachers are everywhere from YouTube to Instagram, and platforms like Udemy, Yabla, and work, life, or even the myriad of other focused coaches. That is not even getting into the traditional education modals where you can't swing a cat without hitting an adjunct professor.

Many of these teachers, especially those who exist on social media, are keen to be liked. However, good and popular have nothing to do with one another. We often think that they might but they couldn't be more different.

When we look to others to help us, we are in control of that help to a great degree, we can hire and fire at will. It is not uncommon for us to side with our comfort over our goals so if we don't like our teacher, or their lessons, we can easily walk away. As it relates to the teachers, in our current economic modal, how Guy expresses a "True Teacher," can seem like a disaster to those who make a living out of teaching. They wouldn't want to have potential clients running from their lessons.

If all teachers were true teachers, though, there'd be nowhere to run.

I love you,

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