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Why What You Were Taught Doesn't Matter?

Why What You Were Taught Doesn't Matter?

January 25, 2022

I remember a time when I complained about all the things I was taught in my life. I was taught that I was not important, how to be a drunk, and that I had no value.

That idea followed me until I recalled having taken chemistry in high school, but I didn't remember anything from the class. I realized that although I was taught chemistry, I never learn it. So, even if I was being taught all these things as a child, (which I wasn't) that didn't matter, what mattered was what I learned.

My parents never wrote a syllabus to teach me all the things that I happened to learn growing up. They definitely didn't want to teach me I wasn't important but with no frame of reference, that was exactly what I learned.

One of the great things about seeing this as "what I learned" is that I get to take responsibility and ultimately change my beliefs for what I react to. I would much prefer that than to be a victim to what "I was taught."

This is not an easy shift to make but it is something we cover in my Recover Yourself Workshop (TODAY as well as next Tuesday). There, you will learn how to take more responsibility for the things you carry with you in your life.

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