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Would you Risk Taking Control?

Would you Risk Taking Control?

December 21, 2021

With 2022 fast approaching. I thought this quote of mine would be timely. Control was what I thought I had when I was in active addiction, and then again in early recovery. I'm grateful to say that I'm always finding new areas I can relinquish my sense of control.

There hasn't been anything in my life that has flourished when I was in absolute control. The more control I had of things (or pretended to have) the more I have lost. You name it, relationships, family, jobs, stuff, and even m own mind. Control was just me feeling afraid to lose that which I wanted desperately not to lose, 

The more control I thought I had the more I would lose. slowly at first, and then all at once. That is not to say losing is bad, actually losing is what helped me understand this, so I take solace in knowing I was able to gain from the losses, as we all are. Resilience is a part of our nature but we can proceed without having to make it so difficult on ourselves.

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