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You are Unique and Do Not Fit In a Box

You are Unique and Do Not Fit In a Box

August 19, 2021

You are unique in every way. The experiences you've had have shaped you into a complex and original person. We need you. We need you to be you!

All too often we look out at the world and find solutions that might work for us but they turn out to be generic approaches that only a few people resonate with, but not us. That is because we are each so unique in who we are that no program or course can ever reach us completely.

The Recover Yourself work I do celebrates your unique complexity. And I proudly admit I don't have your answer but I can help you find it, if you are ready to find it.

Are you tired of constantly needing to fill your time with entertainment?
Are you sick of your family pushing your buttons?
Are you done compensating and ready to embrace?
Are you ready to be honest with yourself?

If so, it is time to stop chasing solutions and start your journey to recover yourself completely. Start with a Recover Yourself Workshop or schedule a time to talk about starting a 4 week one on one suite and change your life, on your terms, for yourself.

I limit all 1 on 1 work to 4 weeks - you don't need a babysitter you need to get out and live your life as yourself, not your parents, or from any box anyone wants to put you in.

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