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You have been the problem all along

You have been the problem all along

February 25, 2020

When we see less than the best it is there to move us to be better

The people we surround ourselves with, and those that surround us, are a very important, often overlooked, piece of the puzzle. When we are not being challenged we may forget how to challenge ourselves.

Those people around us, as they exist in our minds, are us. If those around us don't challenge us, we can assume that we are not challenging ourselves. The same can be said if they are boring us, irritate us, and disrespecting us. It is not possible to see or experience anything in the world that is not rotted is ourselves in one way or another. When we take that information to heart the world we experience is begging us to recover our strength and ourselves.

To find the people who challenge you start by challenging yourself. Schedule a call to start to Recover Yourself today.

I love you,

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