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Your Successes and Failures are Meaningless

Your Successes and Failures are Meaningless

August 31, 2021

Both praising successes and criticizing failures can be damaging. If you want to support someone, praise their having continued improving after either.
Success can become a failure at any moment, and the same goes for a failure changing to success. Both states are fluid, but we may get caught in the idea that they are permanent traits. We have not done enough in our world to support those who trudge (continue to move forward steadily despite it being laborious) and we all do that.
Wins, losses, successes, and failures are all unsteady and don’t last long. We, nevertheless, strive for outcomes such as these, for ourselves as well as for others. We pass these ill-fated, and ill-informed ideas onto our children. We may also have unwittingly become promotors of these ideas to those we interact with.   
Life is a journey we are all on, not a game to be won or lost. Because It is a journey it makes more sense to be praised for admitting we made a mistake and not looking at it as a failure. From there we have the ability to uproot foundations that were erroneously constructed. This will cause some discomfort but without the label of failure hanging around our neck, it will be much easier.
And if we can do that maybe our world would be able to emulate it as well. Unfortunately, we would all rather put a band-aid on the little obvious problems than face the truth. 

This is a vicious cycle that you don't want to get caught in, admitting you are wrong hurts for a moment, but believing you are right when you are not can destroy your life.

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