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Your Upcoming Art Show

Your Upcoming Art Show

November 9, 2021

Art is one of those things that we cannot always explain. It can simply be an object, meme, or something in the middle of a marketing strategy. However, it can also be a connection to our oneness, and a message from the divine.

I had, what I would consider, a successful 20-year art career of making stuff like paintings, prints, videos, and other art objects. I was always reaching to make my work mean more as it related to the oneness. My days of limiting myself to being an "Artist" have faded over the past 5 years and since then I have embraced the idea that my life is the art I make. From the love that I share with others to the words and interactions I engage in, life has become the medium with which I create art.

This practice has shown me the end of the idea that art is a separate object, or something outside of this moment. You are art, you are the creator, and every moment is being created by you, through you, and for you to witness as your creative output.

To explore this, to embrace this, we each have to look within ourselves and create with purpose, and what we create will undoubtedly bump up against that which others are creating and make the happy accidents that have been the bedrock of so many great artworks throughout history.

Your life, this moment, is a masterpiece. Can you see it, can you appreciate it as it is?

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