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The artwork and creativity of MartinJon, knows no bounds. Spending many years exploring fine art painting and video. Learning in-depth methods of connecting through these creative outlets MartinJon is now utilizing artwork as a healing modality. Art and healing have been hinted at throughout history. Today MartinJon is dedicated to discovering and utilizing art to its fullest extent to aid the healing of individuals and the world.  Explore some of the things that brought MartinJon joy, fulfillment, and bliss.

Portrait Project


This project continues to change my life in no uncertain terms. I step out into the world and into people’s homes where I offer them the unique and intimate experience of having a portrait done. I have opened up to complete strangers and have had them open up to me. This project has made me vulnerable and shown me how important being vulnerable actually is. I love doing these and if you would like to have one done please feel free to reach out. Many of these have been done with perfect strangers who now count themselves as my friends and visa versa.

Home Renderings/Closing Gifts

Your home is your pride and joy, the matirial thing you spend the most time and energy on. And, why not, it is that special, it is home. when we leave that home we spent years building in search of what life has in store for us next. What better way to honor that than by bringing it with us? Photographs are a dime a dozen today and we would hardly notice them in the clutter of our computers hard drive. but a painting goes right on the wall of your new home showing that your past is with you wishung you the best as you move ahead.


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Non-Judgmental Watercolors

Painting has a huge history that we, as painters, can never escape. I use watercolor as a way to step away from the grand idea of painting and, even though watercolors are considered a drawing medium, give myself the freedom to just have a bit of fun. These I call non-judgmental because when painting or drawing there are things that my subconscious will judge not serious enough for art. This kind of thinking may influence many people and the things that are not created because of it must be astounding. So I set out to make some stuff, fun stuff, about whatever I am thinking, without judgment or criticism.

Pet Portraits


I have run across a lot of artists that have quite the disdain for pet portraiture but I have found, and been so happy to discover this, That Pet portraits bring intense and serious joy into homes even when they are small. The value in these pieces are absolutely immense.




As a huge footy fan I have found making paintings based on football players or straight up of footballers brings me a lot of joy. I try not to make these as homage pieces so I attempt to not just make strait paintings praising them but to capture something more while playing around with paint as much as I can.


Figurative Acrylics



These large paintings were done over a few years and focus on the work I was doing trying to move my life forward and beyond a tumultuous past. The baggage and scars I was walking away from, and the new definitions I was applying to myself, did not always make sense at the time. I am still working on the work, and the paintings helped me make sense of it all, I love this series because of all that it offered me in terms of mental stability, probably my most significant series to date.

Block Prints


This suite of 12 prints was done and although I have wonderful slides made the images here are just awful. I wanted to post them anyway as work I have done and will get better images at some point I am sure.



This was a great series I did with spray paint on prepared paper. I had had a relationship with graffiti for a long time and as I reimagined my relationship with stencils this series came into being. What I did was make about a dozen multiple layered stencils that each made a very specific image. I then took individual layers of those and mixed them together making the bright and vibrant semi-abstract semi-narrative images that you see here.

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